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Embedding Community's Journal
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Date:2007-10-21 22:45
Subject:Embed into flash site.

I'm sorta new to flash and the faq is quick weak on how to place my journal into flash. can anyone help...if anyone is even using this community anymore.

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Date:2007-07-11 16:49
Subject:API to synchronize posts from my journal

I'm using livejournal API to synchronize posts from my journal.

For a few month already I cannot get media source from my posts, i.e. i get lj-embed tag instead of raw media source (youtube or such).

So, I got some questions:

a) Is there any way to get post sources WITH raw embed html code?
b) If not, is it going to change somehow? When?
c) If it will not change, why?

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Date:2005-06-17 18:15
Subject:Style 101 (with Subjects!)

Does anybody know of a style like Style 101, but one that also includes the subjects of each entry? I like Style 101, but I think it's pretty ridiculous that it doesn't include entry subjects. After all, some people start their very entries with the subjects, and not including the subjects with these kinds of entries would completely ruin the meanings of them.

...or I could just create my own style to accomplish this same thing.

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Date:2004-08-19 19:06

Hi everyone.

I just purchased a paid account today and want to get right to making a great layout and embedding it into my webpage. Except I have no idea where to start. So here are my questions...

This is my webpage (which is still under construction) Click here.

Now, how can I make it so that when a person clicks on m username or goes to my livejournal, they see my livejournal just like that, except with different names for the links and my journal in the frame instead of the current page??

Thanks a bunch. I'm so lost! =/

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Date:2004-06-22 11:58
Subject:Another question.

Just embedded my journal into my website, yada yada yada.. my question: is there a way I can change the gold text/horizontal lines to a color more suited to my website color scheme?

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Date:2003-12-11 16:24
Subject:Help with javascript method

Hi, I'm referring to my home page at http://bellsouthpwp.net/n/o/novasoy/. I'm using the JavaScript method to grab my journal. I'm wanting to have a two column layout where my LiveJournal embed is in the rightmost column, and the leftmost column has other stuff (the text ad at the bottom of the page for instance). I would like to avoid using tables and frames if possible, but I haven't figured out how to do it.

Any ideas?

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Date:2003-02-12 14:54
Subject:is this community used any more?

i just embedded my LJ in my web site, and i was told by a few friends that when they go to my site, they have to not only scroll vertically, but horizontally as well. this is not something i want my visitors to deal with.
i'm guessing that this is due to frame size, but i'm not sure how to resolve it.
can ya help me?

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Date:2002-09-03 17:17
Subject:new FAQ catagory suggestion

braindrain has suggested a new FAQ catagory for embedding, in lj_userdoc

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